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More Macro



Flowers are popular subjects for macro photography because they often provide interesting detail and vivid colors. This was a Gerber Daisy that was purchased at a flower shop the day before our Macro Boot Camp started. By the time I got a chance to try shooting it, it was a bit over-handled. It was a challenge to find just the right angle and lighting to accent the best features of the daisy without highlighting it’s flaws.


March 26, 2011 4:29 EST.

Canon EOS 7D

ISO: 200, 90mm, 0.6 sec, f/29

Lens: Tamron 90mm




This is another composition that I took during the Mike Moats Macro Boot Camp. This palm-sized, sandy-colored piece of flat stone with dark contrasting veins immediately caught my attention and I was quick to grab it when the class began the working portion of our day. I was quite charmed by the outline of the “face” which wasn’t even apparent until after I’d captured with my camera.


The hardest thing about macro (for me) is that I don’t have the right gear. Sure, I have a great camera that takes fantastic pictures, but my foundation is all wrong. Based on what I’ve learned, you can take some pretty amazing macro shots as long as you have the right gear, which I don’t. For example, my tripod is set up with a panning ball head, which is perfect for shooting herding events and fast action, but stinks for taking super close macro shots and stills. When you’re laying on your belly in a swamp you don’t want to have to spend fifteen minutes twisting and turning three handles to get your camera positioned and locked down where you want it. And you can forget about shooting macro without a tripod … the slow shutter speeds totally prohibit hand holding your camera. So for now, tripod manipulation and operation is my most formidable obstacle. Sure, I could get a different ball head for my tripod, but then that leads to needing a different bracket to attach the ball head to my camera. It never ends., this constant wish list of “necessities.”


March 26, 2011 3:02 PM EST.

Canon EOS 7D

ISO: 200, 90mm, 1.0 sec at f/11

Lens: Tamron 90mm




Back From Macro Land




I just got back from a Mike Moats Macro Boot Camp. My head feels like it’s going to explode from all the info and tips Mike shared with us. I came home from the weekend with a much better understanding of how to do macro photography and a lot more respect for the photographers who do it so well. They make sound MUCH easier than it really is. In fact, I think marco photography is harder to do than some of the other stuff I’ve tried so far. But macro is exciting and once you start to get a few good results its addicting! So when spring decides to advance (it’s going to come any day now, right?) you can expect to see a smattering of my attempts to do some macro photography. I’ll try not to screw it up too badly!


March 26, 2011 3:38 PM EST.

Canon EOS 7D

ISO:200, 90mm, 0.6 sec, f/29

LENS: Tamron 90mm


What do you do when the weather and sky won’t give you what you want? Practice your macro!