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Fairy Dust



Bees have been hard at work pollinating the fall Sedum blossoms.

Bed Head


I caught this little guy early in the morning, before he was fully awake. Like a drunk trying to shake off a bender, he was trying to dry out from a heavy morning dew.


On another note, this is my 300th post to my blog. Who woulda thunk? I recently received word that my photography club is having a showing in September. My first reaction was to ponder if I should even consider entering. I mean, there are rules … and I so hate rules. After working my way through that conundrum I decided I would buck up and enter something. But what? I can’t imagine trying to select a handful of my favorite shots. And another quandary is that what I like is never what anyone else seems to like! One of the rules is that you have to call the person in charge by a certain date and make a commitment, so in the process of doing that I learned that each person will probably only get to enter one photo. ONE? Are you kidding? Well, it’s a big club and if everyone submits three or four photos it will be too big.

So now I get to decide which photo, out of the thousands I have taken, best represent my work. Good grief! If anyone feels moved to voice an opinion I’m willing to listen!




Fennel and Friends

I would have liked to have shot this critter with a fish eye! (I know I’m going to have to get a LensBaby!)

Fennel, after the rain. Better known as “home” to bugs and “the plant from Hell” to me. I planted fennel in my hot tub last summer. (More about the hot tub planter another day) I thought I would grow fennel  because it’s pretty, not because I know what to do with  it. The plant grew rather large, then went to seed and died. Or so I thought, until it came back to life this spring and proceeded to grow three times larger than it grew last summer. And I still don’t know what to do with it. So I take pictures of it and watch the different creatures that are attracted to it. At the rate it’s growing, it should take over my entire patio next summer.

Stingy things like it too!

(Click to enlarge!)

If anyone has a suggestion for harvesting or cooking with fennel I’d love to hear it!