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Take Me To Your Leader

IMG_2443(Click on photo for best resolution)


One of my favorite pictures from when Gus was a puppy last summer. During the afternoon we’d often take a  walk down to the horse pasture to get a bit of exercise. Poor little Gus was so small that he nearly got lost in the long grass and weeds. Often, on the way back to the house Gus would fall in behind Hazer and let him lead the way up the dusty horse path. Here, I caught Hazer patiently waiting for Gus to catch up. This picture is especially special to me because I knew there would come a day in the future when Hazer probably wouldn’t tolerate the little man’s company so gladly. That day has arrived and I’m thankful that I can look back and revisit a time when everyone was a tad more congenial toward each other.


Cattle dogs …

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