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Over the last two hours the competition has been narrowed down to four teams. Months of practice and conditioning weigh on the next few minutes and the suspense, like the warm humid air heavy with dust from the arena, is thick enough to cut with a knife. A dozen teams of gentle giants wait patiently under the glaring floodlights, unable to leave until the event has finished. They stand at the rail quietly, tails swatting, harnesses softly jingling. Penance for not placing.


The drivers of the remaining teams watch their competition with steely looks of resolve, their grim determination etched upon their face. Each man knows their team’s physical limits and how far they can push them, but can they judge their heart on any given night? Can they measure their horse’s will, their desire to put everything they have into the task they’re going to be asked to do? Man and beast must strive to work together, become a team of three at that moment. For it’s not always the best driver or the strongest horses that win the contest, but the team that’s willing to transcend human and equine limits to work together for a common goal.

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