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Hard to believe this was taken only four springs ago. Where does the time go? I still miss Tia and the Bean every day. It’s hard to get used to looking at Dharla and Bullet down in the pasture and seeing only two horses. And every time I see a picture of a grey Arab I feel a little stab of sadness. I wonder if I’ll always feel the small hole in my heart that opened when I lost Tia? I’ve had dogs all my life and I’ve never felt their loss years after they’ve passed on. Good dogs, too. But with every new dog that comes into my life the pain of losing the previous dog lessens, and eventually gives way to happy memories. I’ve not found this to be so with my horses, and I’m not sure why.

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  1. Tempus does fugit, doesn’t it? Happy Springtime, Cheryl. I, too, will admit to a different memory twang when I think about Rowdy – my very first horse – which is a different twang than the memories I have about those wonderful dogs who have been such fabulous companions over the years. I still remember them, of course, and very fondly. In fact, I’m typing this looking at our Bouv and can’t imagine life without her. And I still make references to Chou Chou and Gone and Sam and Frodo and Shannon and all those other fabulous dogs with whom I’ve had the honor of sharing my life, but there is a certain, uh, je ne sais quoi, with our horses. Great to see your posts again.

    May 28, 2013 at 10:16 AM

  2. Beautiful.

    May 28, 2013 at 10:33 AM

  3. I don’t think it ever goes away… I find myself looking at horses, that looks like the ones I have lost, and feel my heart skip a beat… I look at my pasture, of my five beautiful horses and it feels… empty… hollow… somehow.
    Like there will always be a hole where the others used to be, a hole I can never fill or replace. Not on the pasture, and not in my heart…

    May 29, 2013 at 3:00 AM

  4. That’s an interesting post, and it’s jogged my mind, too. While I don’t have dogs, I’ve had cats all my life, and as you say, …after a while you stop missing them. Not forgetting, but the pain lessens. Whereas with horses?
    I think the difference is the way we love them. Think of it. A dog, a cat..both predators, by the way, and therefore, closer to us in the way we think. It’s also a critter we can sleep with. Cats and dogs are really four footed furry people. And like people, you suffer differently than you do when you lose a horse. You can’t cuddle with a horse. You can’t ‘play’ with a horse like you can with a dog or cat. When you play with your cat or dog, you really are playing THEIR game, as if YOU were a cat or dog. Even when they’re aged, your cat/dog will play.
    Horses play when they’re babies, but you really can’t play with an adult horse. As much as he may love you, your horse will never be able to achieve that emotional closeness we have with cats and dogs. It’s just not IN them.
    So we miss them for different reasons. And because they are so different from us, when we love one, it’s for reasons that raise them above other horses. I think when they become more dog like or cat like…or people like…we love a horse because of it, because we know it’s unusual for their kind.

    But please. As a wonderfully wise woman once told me, don’t ever be afraid to love again. You can’t replace the horse, the cat, the dog, the human…but you can always visit them in your heart. You talk to any animal communicator and they’ll tell you that person..be it four legged or bipedal ape..is still right there with you.

    June 3, 2013 at 7:43 PM

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