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I can almost feel the sting of crisp air, see the sparkle of fresh powder. Makes me miss skiing, skating, sledding, making elaborate snow igloos or forts in high banks and drifts, then forming teams for epic snowball wars. Do kids even do that stuff anymore? I doubt it. They’re too busy, sitting huddled over their electronic devices, thumbs punching furiously at keypads. Sad, that.

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  1. Sad, that, indeed. I remember the greatest fear my parents had was that a plow would come by and scoop us up when we built our igloos too close to the road. And then, after moving to the ‘farm,’ we’d disappear in the a.m. to build our elaborate snow-fortresses, have epic battles, and never complain about frozen buttinsky’s, and not return until a.) the sun began to slip beneath the horizon, or b.) my Dad whistle told us it was time for dinner. Thumbs were a happier appendage then, methinks.

    November 3, 2012 at 5:54 PM

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