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It’s hard to believe we’re not that far from waking up to a scene like this. The older I get the more conscious I am of time and how quickly it passes. Our lives get divvied up into little compartments or lists that pay homage to the ticking clock: Things that need to be done, things that are almost done, things that may never get done. As time slips by the last group on this list begins to buzz, like an alarm that gets louder when it’s ignored. Call it your Bucket List or your Wish List, it’s the handful of things you dream about doing when your mind wanders from the things we’re trying to accomplish. The trips we didn’t take, the projects we never finished, the relationships we let go. We all have them, these things we fantasize about, the unfinished business we haven’t done for one reason or another: No time. No resources. No balls.

The wisdom of age has helped me accept that everything I’ve dreamed about doing is not going to come to fruition. I know that rubs against the common belief that we can accomplish everything we set out to do, but sometimes it’s good to be left wanting. After all, desire is what dreams are made of.


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