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It’s been a banner year for some fruits and flowers and not so much for others. My Asian ferns are doing reliably well, getting bigger and more colorful each week. Fortunately, they don’t require much in the way of pampering from me. That’s a big plus on my list of preferred plants. I have my hands full trying to battle the ever increasing invasive vines and weeds that constantly try to overthrow the boundaries of our property. So I’m always thankful when something I plant doesn’t turn my garden into a Little Shop Of Horrors and start plotting to take over my yard. You never know for sure. Sometimes the most innocent looking plants when put in the right place, turn into monsters a year or two later. I’ve had that happen on more than one occasion. One time I came home with a pretty little ground cover my favorite nursery was selling that spring. I planted it and watched it do exactly as I was told; it spread nicely and the weeds couldn’t compete with it. But the second year …. oh my! This tidy little ground cover started to invade everything in sight. It literally grew several inches every day! So I went back to the nursery to ask them a bit more about this vigorous species and lo and behold, they’d stopped carrying it. Why? They’d discovered it was too invasive. Ha! That was some fifteen years ago and I still have remnants of it growing in several places in my garden. Yes, it’s pretty, but it’s also kinda scary. I can’t ever turn my back on that little sleeper or it will quickly take over again.

Ferns are actually invasive too. I know a lot of people love them, myself included sometimes, but they can be very difficult to control here. I have them everywhere and I spend a lot of time pulling them up in places and encouraging them in others. So far the Asian variety doesn’t seem to want to spread. They get bigger and take up more space each year, but they haven’t sent out any shoots or increased in number. So time will tell I guess, if I’ve made a big mistake planting ferns.

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