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I’ve been sharing my thoughts and photos on CurTales for about 18 months, but I was surprised (and delighted) when a fellow blogger  recently nominated my blog for the Versatile Blogger Award! A big thank-you to A Year With Horses! Be sure to visit her blog and enjoy the photos of her horses.


There are a couple of “rules” each nominee is supposed to follow:


1.) Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog. (See above)

2.) Nominate fifteen of your favorite blogs and post a link to them. (See below)

3.) Tell the person who nominated you seven things about yourself. (Well, posting them here is telling all my readers, but there you have it!)


So without further adieu, here are my pay it forward choices: (In no particular order of preference)


1.) Horses/Equestrian /AnnaBlakeBlog  A wealth of equine information and wisdom.

2.) Portraits of Wildflowers   Stunning pictures with educational dialogue.

3.) HDR Shooter  If you like HDR this blog will inspire you.

4.) Some Species Eat Their Young   A hilarious account of life with four young children.

5.) Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch   Nice photos, good poetry, great musical talent.

6.) Painted Meadows  A lovely photo blog and fellow equine lover.

7.) Wayne Frost’s Photo Blog  A wonderful HDR devotee who kindly shares his knowledge.

8.) JM Randolph, Acciddentalstepmom  A hysterically funny blog about leaping off a cliff into parenthood.

9.) Exile Imaging  This blogger shoots skyline HDR to die for … and other great stuff too!

10.) The Horsemaster Opinionated, bright, honest, experienced. This equine blogger isn’t afraid to speak her mind!

11.) One Writer’s Life A treasure trove of flash fiction, short stories and poetry. He’s also my brother. 🙂

12.) Cavaliere Attitude A lovely equine blog with a French twist!

13.) Horsesense00 Another informative blog for horse lovers of all types.

14.) Dan Jurak’s Alberta Landscape Photo Blog  Keepin’ it real in Alberta. Stunning photos, candid commentary.

15.) The password is swordfish A movie review blog … and then some.


OK, now on to the seven fun facts about myself:

1.) I was a competitive bodybuilder in the early to mid-80s. I still lift weights. (Thirty years straight and counting)

2.) I wanted to be Daniel Boone when I grew up.

3.) I’m afraid of thunder and lightening, creepy movies and the dark.

4.) I couldn’t read well until 5th grade and I still use my fingers to count.

5.) I consider eating and shopping a complete waste of time.

6.) I have early-onset macular issues with my eyes. (Which makes picture-taking a huge challenge!)

7.) I like animals more than I like most people.

6 responses

  1. I wuv nice flowers.

    January 14, 2012 at 6:20 PM

  2. ptigris213

    Thank you! I wish I knew or had the time to list fifteen bloggers!
    OK. Seven things about myself.
    1. I did a 21 year career in the Army. Two of my 3 MOS’s were unusual: I climbed microwave and satellite towers (yes, the big ones) and I was an M1A1 tank repairer.
    2. I am afraid of boats and drowning.
    3. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Biology.
    4. I don’t like music.
    5. I hold a Master Bander’s Permit, meaning I can (and have) banded passerines (song birds).
    6. I’ve been to all but 3 of the United States and lived in 4 different countries.
    7. I speak conversational Korean, can muddle my way through Spanish, and can speak survival German.

    January 14, 2012 at 7:56 PM

    • Hey, I’m with you on the boat thing. No way I’m ever going to take a cruise. (How ironic after this week’s news about the Italian cruise accident!) I’ve seen the specials about rogue waves. Nope, not going there. Good for you on the language proficiency! I’m lucky I can speak passable English!

      January 16, 2012 at 9:36 PM

      • ptigris213

        Oh, girl, no way would you get me on a boat, I don’t care if it’s a bloody aircraft carrier. And I’m like you in that I use my fingers to count. Math was my biggest stumbling block in college. Lucky for me, I got a very good math teacher who took me from the four basic functions to Algebra. He was the type of teacher that didn’t make me feel like an idiot…what, you’re 49 years old and still can’t do math?? It was only when I hit Algebra 2 that I realized two things: I have never been good with numbers because I have a brain defect akin to dyslexia, but it’s only with numbers, and only when I’m stressed. (and math tests are nothing if not stressful) I will read 1381 when it’s really 1831. I was forever transposing numbers. That may be laziness, but it was good enough an excuse for me to get out of having to pass Algebra 2.

        January 17, 2012 at 7:45 PM

  3. Congrats and thanks for including me and my crew.

    January 14, 2012 at 8:49 PM

  4. ptigris213

    http://www.lifeintheboomerlane.wordpress.com (about life as a baby boomer)

    http://www.Ivebecomemyparents.com (ditto)

    http://allbleedingstops.blogspot.com/ An ER physician blogs about his experiences

    http://sideeffectsmayinclude.wordpress.com/ An ER nurse who does the same thing, but has been quiet for some time now.

    http://www.cavaliereattitude.wordpress.com An English horsewoman living in France

    http://www.monitoringtheenemynet.wordpress.com A retired soldier vents about society

    http://www.dannybigdog.wordpress.com/ A woman who lives with big dogs and horses

    http://www.curtalefarm.wordpress.com A horsewoman who loves the smartest dogs on earth.

    Above are some of the blogs I follow.

    January 16, 2012 at 12:20 PM

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