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2011 Fave


Over the last week I reviewed a lot of my 2011 photographs and I kept coming back to this. No, it’s not a perfect picture, but it evokes emotions that sum up the pervasive melancholy of this last year:  Sadness, loss, and a lingering case of the blues. While I can’t claim to have wallowed in my heartache, sorrow has muddied the undercurrent of this year. A beloved dog, two dearly cherished senior horses, a dear friend’s husband ….. nevermore. It’s been a constant challenge to shake the weight of loss from my aching bones and move on.

And yet, as strongly as this picture squeezes my heart, it also encourages me. Life and love. Both are so precious. You can’t fully live life without getting your heart broken a few times. This picture serves to remind me of the little horse who refused to go down a moment before he was ready. It reminds me to get back up when I fall, live life more fully and to give my wounded heart a chance to love again.

May God bless you in the New Year.

In loving memory to Tim,  Dozer, Tia & The Bean.

One response

  1. The photo does tell the tale: bittersweet.

    December 31, 2011 at 4:25 PM

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