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An Oldie (But a Goodie)


I have a hard time keeping up with new technology. It seems like every time I sit down at my computer something’s been changed, upgraded or redesigned. This morning I was scanning through my photo catalog and came upon this shot of an old truck. It spoke to me of simpler times and brought to mind our childhood family hikes through the meadows and woods that surrounded our suburban neighborhood. My my siblings and I would race each other to be the first to climb aboard an old excavator that sat abandoned on the edge of a open field. We would clamor to reach the highest spot, then shout with unbridled enthusiasm at our lofty view. Our parents waited patiently while we explored every nook and cranny of that old rust bucket before finally climbing (or in my brother’s case, half-climbing, half -jumping) back down to earth.

Today, kids sit inside and play video games instead of exploring the real world around them. I feel sorry for these little hot-house plants and wonder what visions their minds will dredge up when they decide revisit the activities of their youth?

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