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I forgot my camera when Hazer and I went herding this week. Given my camera is practically cloned to my hand, that’s a pretty big oversight. And it particularly irked me because I spent the better part of ten (precious) minutes packing it up and making sure I had everything I might need to get some good herding shots. It was a beautiful fall morning and the conditions were ripe for taking the kind of pictures I like to try to get. But in the chaos of feeding multiple critters (including myself) and getting out the door, I ran a bit late, and somehow managed to walk out the door without my gear. I realized my mistake about ten minutes up the road, but I was running on fumes and knew I barely had enough gas (and time) to get to the farm and back on what little I had left in the tank. I couldn’t go home and get my stuff, so there are no new herding photos. And it figures that there were five new curly goats at the farm that morning. Every few minutes I found myself muttering, “Oh THERE’S a Kodak moment!”

This photo is from last week’s herding session; a rare moment when Hazer had been told, “There” and was (against his better judgment) complying.

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  1. Angie

    always love your commentary

    October 27, 2011 at 8:38 AM

    • Thanks! Glad you enjoy it!

      October 27, 2011 at 9:00 AM

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