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Old Maids


Posted at the end of a road is a sign for an organic farm where, I believe they sell dirt, not plants or produce. I think it’s a very cute sign that makes me want to know more about why they picked that name for the farm? I’ve always been a bit intrigued by farm names. When I was young our family moved to a farm. A large backyard garden aside, we’d had little experience to prepare us for that transition. I spent a good deal of my childhood summers hanging around various farms, trying to mooch a ride on a horse, but until my father bought us a pony I never dare dream of living on a farm.

The pony’s name was Topsy and we kept her out on an old run-down farm that was owned by a retired racehorse trainer. My father always said Topsy was the spark that lit the fire, and when when he moved her and the family to our new home, he decided to name the farm Topsy Turvy. Which pretty much fit.

Lots of people name their farms for local points of interest or landscape markers. Pine Knoll. Maple Crest. Windy River. Those are great names and they help you associate the farm with a specific place or feature, but I kind of like names that evoke a sense of whimsy. Which is probably why the name Old Maid’s Farm resonates with me. Heck, I named my own farm CurTales. Cur, for the dogs and Tales because I like hearing and telling stories about dogs.

What are some of your favorite farm names, or if you had a farm what would you call it?

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  1. I love the picture and the story. Our farm/ranch is called Painted Meadows. When we moved here one of our alfalfa fields was in full bloom and looked painted in the light of the setting sun. Also, I owned a paint mare at the time and wanted some more. Turns out I ended up breeding pinto miniature horses so they are painted in their own way. So that is how ours came about.

    August 23, 2011 at 11:08 AM

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