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Sunday Drive


So I can’t believe I passed on going to shoot my favorite horse pulls of the summer. Yup, the Hamburg Fair pulls have come and gone and I didn’t go. Too hot, too muggy and too many chores got in the way. Hopefully, I’ll get there next year.

To make up for the loss I planned on getting out at dusk to do a bit more test shooting. My gear was ready, the car was gassed, I made dinner early …. all I had to do was hop in my vehicle and cruise down toward the river. I didn’t think it was going to be a spectacular sunset, but right up until I was five minutes from my destination the sky had a nice golden glow to it. Then some nasty clouds rolled in and the light went totally kaput.

I drove around for awhile and looked at all the stuff I wanted to shoot, but I knew it was futile to even try. But I also knew that if I stuck around a bit longer the clouds might disperse or the sun might drop below them, giving me a few minutes of good light. My patience and persistence finally paid off and I captured a few nice frames before the sun dropped over the horizon.

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