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Tobacco Road


My husband has been forewarned: I won’t be around certain mornings and evenings. Instead, I’ll be out scouting and test-shooting different locations. I probably won’t go far, but I need to be up and out the door well before sunrise so I can get a good feel for where I want to be when the fall colors start to come in. Same goes for the evening hour.  Recently a friend showed me some local places where I think I can score some great shots. However, since light can make or break a photo I need to get to know the lay of the land at different times of the day. Evenings will be tough, as I’m often wrapped up in animal care and starting dinner when “golden hour” rolls around, but mornings are less of an issue since I’m generally up well before the break of dawn.

This shot of a tobacco farm was taken from roadside on a foggy morning. I was there a tad later than I would have liked, but that’s no problem … I was just scouting for future reference. I’m sure I’ll revisit this area both at dawn and dusk to get a better feel for the light.

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