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My apologies to those who are afflicted with arachnophobia. I’m not one of them, but I have to admit, shooting this guy (or gal) was a bit creepy. Wolf spiders can move very fast and are great jumpers. Even though I was using a 90mm lens I still had to get pretty close. The first few shots I half expected the thing to leap right at me, but when it didn’t move I started to relax and focus on getting a decent shot.

Which I didn’t do. This is the best of probably two dozen or so frames. None of the pictures I took were great and I’m not really sure why. They all seemed a bit “cloudy” or slightly out of focus. I do recall the spider was moving it’s curled up, tiny front legs … or whatever those things are right by it’s head. It seemed to be quite aware of my presence and that was the reaction it had; to curl and uncurl those little legs over and over again. Like I said, it creeped me out so perhaps I wasn’t paying enough attention to what I was doing at the time? I dunno. I was really excited about having the chance to shoot this critter right out in the open. Usually I find them tucked off in some dark, damp corner of the barn or someplace where it’s nearly impossible to get a good shot. So knowing what a great opportunity this was, I thought I was really taking my time and thinking about each shot. But apparently I wasn’t because I ended up with crap.

Or maybe it’s just me? I’ve been struggling quite a bit lately with vision problems. My right eye already has some significant macular changes, and then there was that fall a few weeks back. I was running from the barn to the house (to grab my camera … the ducks were in the pond!) when the red dog came tearing around the back of the house and plowed into me, taking me out at the knees. Who woulda thunk? Six and a half acres to move around in, but the dog chooses the same path I’m on? Sheesh! I never saw him coming and I went down hard.

I don’t remember hitting my head, but my left elbow wound up bleeding and I could have sworn I heard the metal in my back snap. Yeah, it was a rough landing. In fact, it took me several minutes to get back on my feet and do an assessment. I decided nothing was permanently damaged, but a few days later I started to see a flashing light in my right eye. It really startled me at first, but after a day or two the flashes didn’t bother me as much as they had initially. (Shoulda been a red flag … ya think?) Then, Wednesday night I saw big, inky-black veins inside the edge of my eye and my central vision was much more “spotty” than usual. I mean, when you have macular changes you sort of learn how to live with a certain degree of visual impairment, but this was different and I sensed it was time to call my eye doctor. *Sigh*  It would be so easy to blame my inferior pictures on all that, wouldn’t it? 😉

Let’s just say that if the injury doesn’t kill you the diagnosis will. Good grief. I’ve been though a LOT of bizarre medical tests, but they all pale in comparison to having a retinal specialist “examine” your eyes for a detatched retina. How do these doctors get away with such archaic torture in this world of modern medicine and technology? Apparently, ocular medical advancements stopped somewhere in the 1700’s! I’d rather they just hand me a patch and a parrot than go through that examination again! But hey, what’s the fun in that? So I have to go back in two weeks to get poked in the eye again. Good times!

But enough about me. I’m not sure why this picture isn’t as good as it should have been … and I’m pissed. Who knows when I’ll have another opportunity to shoot such a cooperative, huge spider again? I blew it. And the eye? Meh. Just another cross to bear.

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  1. I dunno, Cheryl, this image does a pretty good job of being scary, whether one is an arachnophobe or not. In terms of the “cloudiness”, remember all of his limbs and his body are on different focal planes, maybe minutely different, but still significantly different because of the image magnification. If you shot hand-held, shutter speed could also be an issue (while it may seem you are holding the camera rock steady, that may not be the reality, and remember at these magnifications every movement will be magnified). Still, not a shabby capture.

    June 11, 2011 at 10:34 AM

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