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Wash Me

Me? Dirty?


I was wondering if anyone noticed how filthy Bullet was in the last group of pictures? I’m kind of self-conscious about his filth because it’s not like I don’t brush him or anything. In fact, it’s quite the opposite: I brush him several times a day! But for some reason Bullet is like that dirt-seeking kid who just can’t seem to keep himself clean for more than a few minutes.


Mr. Sweet Cheeks


He’s so serious about his filth that he makes a point of grinding his face in the dirt when he rolls. That’s pretty darn serious!


Latte al la grunge


I used to be embarrassed by Bullet’s constant covering of grime, but I’ve come to believe that some horses  just don’t care how they look. If the bugs are biting or they’re itchy, they’ll roll and not think twice about how it makes them look. That doesn’t make for dreamy equine photos, but I’d rather my horses act like real horses than perfect photo subjects any day. So you can expect to see plenty of pictures of a certain dirty cream-colored buckskin in the near future, but rest assured, that doesn’t bother him one bit!

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