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Morning light

Photography is all about light. As someone recently introduced to this hobby, I’m learning that my understanding of light and the outcome it has on any photographic event is elementary at best.  Not to be discouraged, that simply motivates me to take lots of pictures in all different kinds of light. My garden is an especially good subject. Not so much because I adore flowers, but because for the most part flowers don’t move very much. And at this stage of the game, that’s good. Flowers are just interesting enough that I don’t mind shooting them over and over in all sorts of light and angles. Sometimes it’s a bit of a contortion act to get the right shot, but at least I don’t have to worry about posing them or having them run off right when I think I’ve got the best shot. Granted, sometimes the light only hits them “just so” for a couple of minutes …. seconds even. But it’s OK. That also teaches me that I can’t always count on taking five minutes to compose the perfect shot!

Today I tried to catch my just blossoming hibiscus as the sun beamed through their back. It wasn’t the best light: this morning was rather overcast with little direct sun until after the sun had already moved behind the treeline. Ug. That’s one of photography’s plights. Sometimes you wait and wait and wait, and just when the conditions are right something pops up and forces you to recompose all over again. Usually when I’m shooting in the garden it’s the wind or the background that is problematic. Yesterday the light was better, but since I already had plans to scoot out the door to get to the Skyhound event, I didn’t spend much time hanging around the garden waiting for that perfect shot. However, I did get a few good pics of the hibiscus, and one photo had a very nifty spiderweb in the background. The web was a freebie: I couldn’t even see it when I was shooting! Magnification is a great thing!

I had a really tough time picking a favorite photo for this entry. This hibiscus is amazing! Not because it’s so pretty, but because they are notoriously hard to grow, yet this one keeps coming back year after year in spite of my never doing anything to it! Last year the bugs tried to shred it, so this year I did give it some insecticide when the leaves were first developing. But that aside, I’ve never done anything to encourage it to come back and bloom each year, which I understand is rare at best.  Furthermore, I’ve read that the blossoms are only supposed to last a day or two, which I haven’t found to be true. So it’s only fitting that I take lots of pictures of this hardy bloomer. I’m feeling very grateful that it’s providing such a bountiful photographic opportunity.

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  1. h

    Very pretty…close up with all the details we just don’t see or pay attention to….is always stunning in photography!

    August 8, 2010 at 12:19 PM

  2. Thanks sis! The garden is very forgiving to shoot. It’s pretty hard to take a bad shot of something that’s so naturally gorgeous. When I shoot things like this it always makes me think of some of the pictures Jeff used to take. Hopefully some day he can get back into it … you both have a great eye for good pics!

    August 8, 2010 at 4:25 PM

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